We are members of the NASC, ANSC, we are CITB registered and CSCS gold status with all employees having a CISRS card of experience.

Training employees is of paramount importance to Connolly Scaffolding Ltd. It is vital not only to expanding and developing the ability of the employees but also to provide clients with the expertise and confidence required.

We are members of the NASC, ANSC, CITB registered and CSCS gold status, with all employees having a CISRS card of experience.

All employees are TG:20, SG4 trained, CISRS and CSCS registered and all are ’employed only’ status. We do not sub contract labour. This philosophy we believe helps our employees to achieve the quality and consistency of service without cutting corners.

Approximately 1/3 of staff are trained to advanced standard, 40% are part 2 standard and all others are part 1 and actively working towards part 2 being part of the NASC we adopt the relevant NVQ.

In addition to this, we have 16 appointed first aiders and fully trained CSCS supervisors who are all advanced scaffolders, confined spaces trained, P.T.S. trained and ariel lifting platform trained.

Connolly Scaffolding has an apprentice policy, we employ new recruits every year, who learn on the job and attend college for their NVQ. We attempt to ‘grow our own wood’ for the future of the company.

Health and Safety

A NASC hand over certificate is supplied after completion on every installation, once inspected by a supervisor and the clients appointed site manager.

Scaffolding is a high-risk service and because of this the level of expertise required by our clients is vast. Connolly Scaffolding Ltd takes these needs seriously to enable them to provide a product that they are confident with.

A full package is provided including method statements, risk assessment and signed health and safety policy Statement  prior to the start of any project.

Weekly inspections , supplying a scaff tag system and signing the register is a service we can offer as well. We have a number of Advanced Scaffolding inspectors with-in our team or we can at our clients request appoint an independent company to undertake the mandatory 7 day inspections.

Connolly Scaffolding are members of;

With our proactive approach to health & safety, we believe that co-operation is a fundemental requirement to a successful outcome for all projects. This is where we believe we excel at both the tender stage and during the construction process. At the tender stage we offer routinely  alternatives to the design which may improve the project by reduction in time and cost, and offering value for money.

We operate all over the UK, working with businesses of any size. For all enquiries or for a quotation, please contact us today.

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