Plettac Metrix

Connolly Scaffolding projects benefit from PLETTAC METRIX, a revolutionary rosette scaffolding system.

It brings many advantages over other scaffolding systems, including material savings, labour savings, reduced assembly times and improved safety.

Reduced waiting time

It’s up to 50% faster to erect, meaning less downtime for bricklayers, joiners and roofers having to wait between lifts being built. For example, a lift of hop ups can be installed or moved in less than a hour.

Not weather dependent

Using PLETTAC METRIX is not weather dependent. Because we can erect the scaffolding in one operation, using hop ups for bricklayers, we can move them as the structure progresses whatever the weather conditions are.

More efficient

Because it has a wider platform when using hop ups for the inside boards, it means there’s a bigger working area for bricklayers to work from.

Easier to adapt for access into plots, just remove tubes without the need for any cutting. It gives uninterrupted access on the working lifts, with no obstacles or rakers in the way of the lift.

It’s lighter to handle and install, requiring smaller teams than those needed with traditional scaffolding systems.


PLETTAC METRIX is better for health and safety with fewer components and no wooden boards that can move, warp and split. It’s also more durable, longer lasting and looks neater.

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