Saltra Development Topped Out

Thanks to the specialist knowledge and hard work of our dedicated scaffolding team, the Saltra development in Salford is now officially topped out!

The Saltra development is a large apartment project in Salford – on the fringe of the Salford Quays area – for Elan Homes Ltd. It is the last of the large 8 block Apartment Scheme that has been ongoing for some years.

The project posed challenges that required specialist knowledge. Our working room was significantly limited compared to a traditional site as we were working on the final apartment block whilst all others were occupied.

Elan entrusted us with the design for this last block after we collaborated on other apartment blocks in the development. Our long term partnership has grown over the years with well-earned earned mutual trust and a satisfaction in results on both sides.

The Saltra project is a traditional build apartment scheme costing around £230k and is now officially “Topped Out”.

Saltra Development Topped Out

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