Timber frame apartment block Scaffolding in Manchester

Connolly scaffolding have been commissioned by Countryside to provide scaffolding for a 299 apartment build covering a 5.2-acre site in Broughton, in Salford, Manchester.

As the project as advanced, the scaffolding has grown around the site reaching 8 levels on the current build.

The six timber framed apartment buildings are accessed on external portions with Connolly’s ATPAC ring lip scaffolding system. This system offers advantages such as a fast set up time, a safe and sturdy structure and a versatile system that can fit fill the needs for any project.

On the first of the buildings, 5 crane loading bays and 3 stairwell access points have been installed to allow the building work to take place quickly and safely.

The scaffolding frame is secured to the exteriors via neatly maintained anchoring points directly to the frame of the building.

Where necessary, hoppers have been built into the scaffolding to allow the frame to support its own weight where access to the manhole covers is needed by workers on the site.

The 12-month development is coming along quickly and over the next few months of the project, Connolly scaffolding will be working diligently alongside the site management to provide exterior access to all 6 apartment buildings as the develop.

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